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a plant hormone that promotes root formation and bud growth

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Application of rooting hormone to enhance the rooting capability of cutting has been suggested by many authors (Wahab et al.
Dip the lower end in some rooting hormone powder, which will encourage roots to shoot (and often contains a fungicide to help prevent rotting) and now plant in your container.
Lay the trailing shoot along the ground, stripping the leaves and sideshoots from every second or third leaf cluster, then wound the stem close to the points where the leaves have been stripped and apply rooting hormone before pegging these sections down in shallow trenches in well-prepared soil.
The inner stem tissue is dusted with rooting hormone and then the entire cut area is wrapped in a clump of moistened sphagnum peat moss, about the size of a fist.
Dip the cutting base in fresh rooting hormone powder, ensuring that the basal cut is well covered, and tap off any excess powder.
Dip in rooting hormone and push into a pot of compost.
Dip the bottom inch of the stem in water, then in rooting hormone (B).
In early, October take cuttings approximately 6- 15 inches long, dip the base in rooting hormone and bury all but the top 2-3 inches in a slit trench.
Stem cuttings can be taken in spring, using a rooting hormone.
Cut the branches into 15cm lengths and dip the ends in rooting hormone powder, then plant them in moist, gritty compost.
To start new plants from a favorite perennial, such as a geranium, impatiens, lilac, rose, or tomato, make a cut halfway through the underside of a long, low-growing stem, dust the cut with rooting hormone (such as Rootone), then bury it several inches deep.
Carefully cut off a leaf (including the stalk), dust in rooting hormone powder an stick it in a pot of compost.
Make stem cuttings of geraniums, dip the cut ends in rooting hormone, and embed them in 4-inch pots filled with sterile soil mix.
Take them from low down the plant, dip the bottoms in rooting hormone and bury all but the top 5-8cm in a slit trench.
Next dip the base of each cutting into a rooting hormone preparation (your local garden centre will be able to advise you on the most suitable).