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disease characterized by root decay

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culmorum, which were considered as major cereal pathogens (FHB complex), are also associated with field pea and dry bean root rots.
Some people place the container in a saucer to help hold water but this can cause root rots at the bottom of the container, particularly if the water sits in the saucer after watering or rain.
This gives a free draining mixture, stopping many of the root rots that occur on citrus.
The cultivar also withstands Pythium and Fusarium fungi, soil-dwelling microbes that can inflict costly root rots.
PRO: Plants are less susceptible to certain root rots in fall
However, diseases are a major threat to dry bean production and root rots rank among the most important diseases affecting bean production areas in North Dakota and adjoining Minnesota.
Fusarium fungi, for their part, inflict costly root rots and seedling diseases.