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a small node

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small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant


(mineralogy) a small rounded lump of mineral substance (usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment)

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The study has significant implications for common agricultural crop plants as there is a strongly held belief that only plants with root nodules can benefit from the symbiotic relationship with the nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
Glycoconjugate and lipid components of Rhizobium 'hedysari' IS123, a root nodule symbiont of the stress-tolerant legume, Hedysarium coronarium.
Soybean is one of the most important leguminous oil seed crops of great economic value, occupying an important position in the world trade as it is important in the soil by fixing atmospheric nitrogen through Rhizobium bacteria that lives in their root nodules (Stewart 2009).
fluminensis only form in submersed stems; however, the root nodules form in both submersed and non-submersed roots, but this occurs to a lesser degree in the former.
Root nodule formation in leguminous plants was also stimulated by charcoal.
Root nodule age-class transition, production and decomposition in an age sequence of Alnus nepalensis plantation in the eastern Himalayas.
2]-fixing ability, as indicated by nitrogenase activity in root nodules was similar in both NILs under the control conditions, and [N.
Whereas bacterial bioluminescence - the principal contribution of the microbial symbiont - is induced in the squid organ within 8 to 10 hours after inoculation (McFall-Ngai and Ruby, 1991), nitrogen fixation by rhizobia does not occur at maximal levels in the root nodule for days to weeks.
Root nodule anatomy and evolutionary implications within some Fabales (Leguminosae) are discussed by Sprent (1980).
In this study, we provide experimental evidence for both of these predictions in the mutualism between the legume Amphicarpaea bracteata and its nitrogen-fixing root nodule bacteria (Bradyrhizobium sp.
The interaction between legumes and nitrogen-fixing root nodule bacteria (Rhizobiaceae) provides a good model system for exploring fitness consequences to hosts of switching between genotypes of symbiotic partners.
Effect of different oil cakes in combination with bio agent/nematicide was tested for management of root knot nematode and root nodule formation.
Information regarding the symbiosis with woody legume species in natural ecosystems and the distribution of root nodule bacteria under these conditions is limited.
Effect of salinity and sodicity on the symbiosis between root nodule bacteria and guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.
45 m depth) from rainfed soybean, wheat, and soybean-wheat system under different fertiliser treatments HY, Harvestable above-ground biomass (shoot) yield; RD, rhizodeposition; TCI, total C input by the system Soybean HY Leaf- Root Nodule RD Treatment (kg/ha) fall C input (kg/ha) FYM Total Control 1301 48 167 17 130 -- 362 NP 2146 126 246 28 215 -- 645 NK 1605 47 191 20 161 -- 419 NPK 3410 276 400 57 341 -- 1074 N + FYM 5809 426 567 75 581 1587 3236 NPK + FYM 7170 515 729 95 717 1587 3644 Mean 3574 240 383 49 358 -- 1563 1.