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a small node

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small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant


(mineralogy) a small rounded lump of mineral substance (usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment)

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Chemical fertiliser was then broadcast and root nodule bacteria were inoculated.
Legumes include soybean, alfalfa, clover, pea, peanut, mesquite, mimosa, and acacia (Figure 7); with the help of symbiotic rhizobia in their root nodules, most legumes can grow in poor soils without addition of nitrogen-containing fertilizers.
Root nodule anatomy, type of export product, and evolutionary origin in some Leguminosae.
Root hair infection in actinomy-cete-induced root nodule initiation in Casuarina, Myrica and Comptonia.
For sterilization first nodes were placed in alcohol for 30 seconds and then in 1% sodium hypochlorite for 5 minutes at the end were rinsed several times with distilled water [2], 1 to 2 large root nodules of each sample were selected and placed in the ordinary test tubes containing 1 ml of sterile distilled water and were crushed by the pestle, Then 100 ml of sterile nodes extract were transferred by pipette to YMA medium and were spread in surface, then cultured plates were placed for 48 h in a growth chamber.
These results indicate that Bacteroides present in any soybean root nodules do not suffer from limitations in the photosynthate supply, which is essential as a source of energy (ATP) and reducers (NADH) in the N fixation and assimilation processes.
Q Last year my potatoes had swollen root nodules that were diagnosed as root eelworm.
Presence of bacterial microsymbionts is indispensable for formation of functional nitrogen-fixing root nodules, but previous work reported the capacity of certain varieties of alfalfa and clover to develop empty nodules in the absence of rhizobia [11].
Its root nodules possess inherent bacteria, which allow them to absorb the free nitrogen in the air.
Since lupines are legumes and make their own nitrogen in root nodules, no fertilization is necessary.
Kudzu Zymbiozome Fermentum is based on an extraction from the root nodules of the kudzu plant (L.
Other excellent choices would be grazing rye, sown until November or winter Tares, a type of vetch with the added advantage that they increase soil fertility by fixing nitrogen from the air into root nodules in the soil.
These genes direct formation of root nodules, where S.