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an associate who shares a room with you


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Bahrain: A man, who butchered his roommate while he slept and then castrated the corpse, has been jailed for life.
During this time people naturally partnered up and started their own interview process with potential new roommates.
who is a designer, was caught by his two roommates on November 7 last year before he could film them at their flat in Jebel Ali.
tried to push him off the balcony before the rest of their roommates intervened to stop the fracas.
Between 2000 and 2010, the number of New Yorkers living with roommates grew by 40 percent, according to census data.
The two roommates, who shared the house with three other men, had known each other for more than two years and sometimes socialised.
USA Roomies, a website devoted to pairing people with like-minded co-inhabitants in order to remove some of the difficulty that can go into finding living arrangements with others, has recently deployed their operations in the United States, but is for any country to use to obtain roommates in the USA.
Campus police were responding to the fire alarm call at the dorm when Seevakumaran's roommate called 911 and said he had pointed a gun at him, causing the roommate to flee to the bathroom and lock himself inside.
This appears to be a senseless act of violence stemming from a minor domestic dispute between roommates," (http://www.
YES Gone are the days when first-year students arrived at college without any idea of what their assigned roommates would be like.
The study, by Harvard University economics professors Michael Kremer and Dan Levy, examined 1,357 students at a large state university that randomly assigns freshman roommates.
The site then let users filter roommates based on the same traits, which are protected by 1968's Federal Fair Housing Act or, in the case of sexual preference, by California's housing law.
The victim emerged from the kitchen of the apartment with a serrated Miracle Blade knife estimated to be 10 inches long, yelling "I'm killing him, I'm killing him," said one of his three roommates.
White freshman students who are randomly paired with Black roommates in college are more apt to make more Black friends.
From a roommate who lives like a pig to fights that lock roommates out or involve bill disputes, The College Roommate from Hell covers a common problem thousands of college students face: an intolerable roommate situation.