Ronald Reagan

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40th President of the United States (1911-2004)

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USS Ronald Reagan crew and their families and friends received a patriotic pier-side Homeporting welcome with the following four Sargento "All-American" cheese activities (from 7 a.
1) Reporters tour the Air Force One exhibit under construction at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Thursday.
As a reflection of Reagan's popularity, the Ronald Reagan commemorative stamp was issued nationwide today, with Simi Valley, CA, designated as the official first-day-of-issue city.
On Wednesday, hundreds of stamp collectors and Ronald Reagan fans lined up for hours at his Presidential Library to buy the new commemorative postage stamp featuring the smiling face of the former president.
The first-day-of-issue stamp dedication ceremony will also take place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wed.
The qualities all of us have seen in Ronald Reagan were first spotted 70 and 80 years ago.
Before the release of the new collection, said researchers Martin and Annelise Anderson, who edited ``Reagan, In His Own Hand: Writings of Ronald Reagan Reveal His Revolutionary Vision for America,'' most scholars believed Reagan was an ``amicable dunce'' who relied heavily on his advisers.
Speaker, with the death of President Ronald Reagan and the dignity with which he left us, there is truly 'mourning in America.
This is now the fourth city serviced by Spirit Airlines out of Ronald Reagan National Airport.
The ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was held near a slab of the Berlin Wall on the 15th anniversary of the wall's destruction.
The History Channel three-hour primetime tribute to Ronald Reagan titled RONALD REAGAN: THE MAN THEY KNEW airs THURSDAY, JUNE 10 AT 8:00 p.
In 1996 he served as Executive Officer of Carl Vinson (CVN 70), in 1998 became skipper of Rainier (AOE 7), and took command of PCU Ronald Reagan in 2000.
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and GE announced today the launch of the 2012 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program.
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