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United States composer (born in Hungary) who composed operettas (1887-1951)

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The sensitive Romberg test analyses balance while standing with one leg in front of the other (the support surface is reduced); it is done with eyes closed or open.
Firstly, gait analysis and Romberg testing (7) were not performed as part of the neurological exam on this patient.
In other Works, Romberg "deconstructs"--that is Lozza's word (I prefer to say destroys)--old-master paintings.
Romberg comments that "iconicity--or rather, the excess of iconicity in Afro-Latin worship--has a long colonial history in Latin America, now being recharged by the global commodification and circulation of images" (82-83).
Romberg observes, theorizes, analyzes, deconstructs gestures, actions, meanings.
In this extremely well-written ethnography, Raquel Romberg explores the significance and meaning of divination and magic in modern Puerto Rico.
Functional tests performed were the Chair Rise Test, Romberg Balance Test, Grocery Shelving Test, and a 6m Gait Speed Test.
Parry-Romberg syndrome, also known as progressive facial hemiatrophy, was first described by Parry in 1825 and Romberg in 1846.
Key words: area, posturography, Romberg, vertigo, way
Jim Romberg deserves the credit for championing this through NCECA.
Alan Romberg, an analyst with the Henry L Stimson Center think tank, told Reuters Obama's moves were partly to punish the North for the Cheonan sinking and partly to pressure Pyongyang to engage seriously on denuclearisation.
385 Romberg ([dagger]) Teacher + Age [greater than or equal to] 12 years < 12 years (N=6) > 12 years (N=10) p value Tests mean ([+ or -] sd) mean ([+ or -] sd) PF ROM 1.
A It was written by Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein II and featured in two movies - The Night Is Young (1934, sung by Evelyn Lane) and Deep In My Heart (1954, sung by Jose Ferrer).
tabaci biotipo B en frijol en las condiciones climaticas estudiadas (Tsai y Wang, 1996; Romberg, 1998).
2005, Periodical errors of LaCoste & Romberg gravimeters.