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Synonyms for Romanic

of or relating to or derived from Rome (especially ancient Rome)

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La prosodia del friula en el marc de l'Atles Multimedia de Prosodia de l'Espai Romanic.
On the outside, the church still conserves its original portal with the Romanic archivolt decorated with a leaf festoon and two supporting structures.
Slovenia with its geographical position at the cross-roads of Romanic, Germanic and Slavic cultural space is in a great position to strengthen intercultural understanding.
Together, these photos suggest a life, from beginning to end, of Romanic heroism, and the photo on the back cover is a particularly rich example of the images of Romantic genius found throughout the collection: Hemingway with a marlin, a leopard, a shotgun, a fishing pole, a bottle of scotch raised to the lips--all are included and all insist that Hemingway is foremost an adventurer, an eccentric, a superman who communes with nature and accurately records the world around him.
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This time it was brother Paul who was the beneficiary as he stoked up the 5-1 shot to lead inside the final furlong and his mount kept on for a three-quarter length success from Romanic Queen.
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As part of the Visual Arts curriculum, the children were made in charge of taking digital photos of the Romanic churches, the medieval castle, the covered bridge and other major monuments of Pavia.
It is also set apart from its neighbours by its Latin culture and Romanic language, said Dan Luca, project coordinator for a survey on Romania's image in Brussels conducted by the Club Romania-UE, which brings together Romanians working in Belgium.
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