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Romania at a glance" is more than a blog, and it is especially placed in order to keep the visitors informed and to acknowledge Romania as it is.
Prime Minister Ponta added: The EBRD has played a major role in Romania s development and transition towards a free market economy since the revolution in December 1989.
On economic relations, EcavuE-oy-lu said trade volume between Turkey and Romania would reach $10 billion if visa restrictions for Turkish businessmen are relaxed.
Romania continues to improve its capabilities for NATO and multinational operations, and has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to provide forces and assets in support of shared national security interests.
The 50-page report points out to the "historic" EU enlargement, including the accession of Romania and Bulgaria, seen as two "genuinely" francophone countries, <a href="http://www.
By tracing Romania's relationships with Moscow and its Warsaw Pact satellites through the dimensions of intelligence and defense relationships, Watts confirms that Romania was at the very least a reluctant if not defiant member of the Warsaw Pact.
We are excited to expand our operations to Romania and conduct all of our European exploration from Bucharest.
Romania launched several projects in Syria and signed numerous bilateral agreements.
FRANCE OR ITALY WIN, ROMANIA DO NOT Victory for either of the 2006 World Cup finalists would see them through.
France or Italy win and Romania don't: Should Romania slip up, victory for either of the 2006 World Cup finalists would see them into the last eight.
TWELVE years after making a winning start against Romania in the European Championships, France will be hoping history repeats itself.
Wales has nothing to fear when Romania joins the EU in less than three weeks time, its acting ambassador said during a visit to Cardiff yesterday.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am pleased to provide comments from a tax perspective on the practical implications of the accession of Romania and Bulgaria into the European Union.
Joe Romania, for decades a Eugene business icon and community leader, died Sunday of age-related causes.