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Synonyms for Romani

a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling

of or relating to the Gypsies or their language or culture


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Shabnam Romani wrote a number of books including Jazeera, Doosra Himala, and Tohmat.
Continue reading "Israeli Scholar: The Romani People Are Descendants of the Israelite Tribe of Simeon" at.
MUSIC is part of the Romani DNA; it is a dimension of their identity.
15, the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan and the EBRD are organising a panel on Green Economy and Its Fiscal Consequences, which Mattia Romani will moderate.
Na otica do feminismo romani, as fronteiras geopoliticas do pos-colonial sao retracadas a partir de novos espacos de subalternidade e de luta, de segregacao (expulsoes e legitimacao de apelidos preconceituosos) e de resistencia que se desenham no coracao da Europa, dominada pela implantacao de politicas reacionarias e racistas, segundo documenta a militante cigana Alexandra OPREA (2012).
In PPS and FPS we found a group of derivatives originating from Early Romani genitive in -ker-:
Dans le cadre de l'affaire de la prison de Mahdia, Mosaique Fm a rapporte que le directeur de la prison de Mahdia, Faycal Romani a ete condamne par le tribunal militaire permanent de Sfax e a douze ans de prison, dont sept pour avoir incite un temoin a donner un faux temoignage et cinq ans pour tentative de meurtre premedite.
The company will continue to operate as ICON Venue Group, headquartered in Denver, and will be led by Romani.
Lakatos skillfully weaves Romani customs, language, and even herbal remedies into the story as the novel's characters interact with one another and with the greater non-Romani world.
This was a considered move; there are still a number of Holocaust scholars who acknowledge that the fate of the Romani victims constituted genocide, but who balk at including them in the Holocaust.
During a recent visit to Eastern Slovakia, embassy officers led by former Charge d'Affaires Rudolf Perina observed how one mayor created jobs for his Romani constituents.
Gabriella Romani, Postal Culture, Writing and Reading Letters in Post-Unification Italy, University of Toronto Press: Toronto, 2013; 288 pp.
Theirs is an unlikely friendship as it is normally forbidden by the Romani culture to mingle with others, but Teo's people-- Mixteeos who are also on the margins of society--are welcoming and respectful, and the Romani return for several summers, during which time Teo and Esma discreetly
Outside of academia, Romani frequently worked with local, state, national and international health organizations and played a key role in developing Michigan's first public health code.
Most of those affected are believed to be Romani women and persons with disabilities.