Romanesque architecture

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a style of architecture developed in Italy and western Europe between the Roman and the Gothic styles after 1000 AD

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It is obvious that the search for the more correct analogies for the European features in the architecture of St Nicholas church should not include only comparison of different decorative and constructive features: some analogies, published by the scholars, are too general, and the same architectural features can be found in many monuments of Romanesque architecture.
Done up in leather, lace, or velvet, the players in Teraoka's cabaret of the damned perform, in epic-scale panoramas and on multipanel altar-pieces in gilt frames, acts of deviance, hypocrisy, cruelty, and brutality amid hordes of animals, rising flames, and gothic and Romanesque architecture.
Our second winner will receive one week's cruising for two in the Charente region, famed for fine cognac, delicious food and Romanesque architecture.
We're surrounded by Chelsea's art scene, nightlife and recreational areas like Chelsea Piers, as well as the Flatiron District's Romanesque architecture, world-class shopping and restaurants.
1-million anchor contribution, the versatile facility retains its historical roots by incorporating Victorian and Romanesque architecture.
The nearby Kelso Abbey may be in a fragmented state now but it is still one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture around.
In addition to its Eastern motifs, however, the building also reveals some features of Western Romanesque architecture.
With its 1892 Romanesque architecture, wooden floors, 8-foot windows and soaring ceilings, it's become the pride of the local community.
SPEND a few days in romantic Prague with its bewitching mix of Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque architecture.
Combining Gothic and Romanesque architecture, with hints of French-inspired reconstruction, the magnificent Nikolaikirche normally exercises a strict vow of silence.
This church boasts both Gothic and Romanesque architecture and the present slated steeple dates back to the 18th century.
This stunning city is renowned for its magnificent Baroque and Romanesque architecture, its distinctive character and the warmth and friendliness of its people.
The facility was built for $1 million in 1939 and features Romanesque architecture of concrete, cut stone and limestone.