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From this selection from among some fifty similar comments by our students about the usefulness of Spanish, it is clear that their prior knowledge of another Romance language makes them more open to the acquisition of Italian and more confident in their ability to succeed.
In addition to the expected phenomena, Loporcaro provides a number of surprises often ignored in chapters of this type, such as an interesting discussion of the evolution of final vowels across Romance languages.
Perhaps syntactic theory has a concept of a "preferred position" for adjectives (or for complements more generally), and the right way of characterizing the pattern in Romance languages is that adjectives outside the preferred position receive figurative readings.
Much of the great comparative work of the past built on the relationship between Germanic languages and Romance languages, such as that of E.
Berkeley allows for a concentration in Romance linguistics within its Romance language degree (Peterson's 2003: 521-4).
She was very charismatic, and all of us in the romance languages departments, colleagues from French, Italian, and Spanish alike, fell under her spell.
The Department of Romance Languages expresses its solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.
The domain acronyms use phrases that both English speakers and those who speak romance languages recognize as referring to nonprofits: NGO, which stands for nongovernmental organization, commonly used in the U.
A retired professor of Romance languages, Erna Kamerman Perry, 78, started writing her memoirs in 2013.
It spans different languages, English with some references to German, and the Romance languages Catalan and Spanish.
Founded in 1924, the society has a global membership and is the most important international learned society concerned with the linguistics and philology of the Romance languages.
Hungarian was chosen because it is unfamiliar to most English speakers and a difficult language to master, with a completely different structure and sound system to the Germanic or Romance languages, such as Spanish and French.
PLANS: Major in pre-law with a minor in Romance languages at Bowdoin College.
Romance languages come easily: He was raised by Turkish immigrants who spoke to him in Ladino, the Spanish-Jewish dialect that flourished among Spanish Jews after the Inquisition.