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a symbol in the old Roman notation

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In the next column we isolate the individual characters comprising the Roman numeral.
Although Roman numerals, invented in about the 7th or 8th centuries B.
Besides conversions, the tool calculates percentages, square roots, Roman numerals, remainders after division, factorials, trigonometric functions, logarithm bases and more.
It also is not explained why some columns are given Roman numerals while others are labelled with non-Roman numbers.
The reference section of this book includes the emperors of Rome, a gladiator who's who, Roman numerals, nine Web sites, a list of gods and goddesses, a time line, and a glossary.
Although Western civilisation is based to a large extent on Roman heritage, the computer or electronic brain could hardly have been developed with the unwieldy Roman numerals which even lacked the concept of a "zero.
Constructed and maintained by Brisbane, Australia, Anthony Morris QC and architect Alice Hampson, it's awkward, clunky, curiously naive in design, uses scarily big type and occasionally Roman numerals and is in serious need of a design overhaul.
When it came to fastening the gold-leafed aluminum roman numerals to the clock's face, and to adhering intricate decorative work to the clock's body, Taylor used 3M Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesive DP-8005, a product designed to bond low surface energy plastics to dissimilar plastic substrates, and to steel, aluminum, concrete, glass, and wood.
They have men's cufflinks incorporating quartz timepieces with Roman numerals for pounds 25 including a two-year guarantee.
Garcia wears a watch and cuff links from the Tiffany Atlas(R) collection, a bold and dynamic design featuring raised Roman numerals and matte and diamond-polished surfaces.
THIS small, round metal skeleton wall clock, with rustic styling has Roman numerals and is painted white with a distressed finish and would look against a bold coloured background.
Last time he caddied in the US Open, his partner was disqualified because his scorecard was filled out in Roman numerals.
The unit converter will also let one convert from our standard base-10 number system (0 through 9) to roman numerals, hexadecimal, octal, or binary systems, the report added.