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a symbol in the old Roman notation

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Considering that the largest Roman numerals used today are chiselled into foundation stones and headstones to represent a year, the limitation of less than 4000 will be adequate for quite a while yet.
The actor is also taught inversions of chords and how to relate a chord to a particular key, bringing to awareness the area of Roman numerals (see explanation under Keyboard) which then links to keyboard playing.
39 mm case, white dial, applied rhodium-plated Roman numerals.
The students continue to provide Roman numerals for each measure until eight measures have been determined.
Produced with radio in mind by a member of country music's Rascal Flatts, ``XXX'' leaves you wondering if Chicago will ever run out of Roman numerals.
Finished in a striking black metal finish the large 8 inch face has clear, easy to read roman numerals and a glass cover.
The whimsical mural features a life-sized Glockenspiel, with each detail mirroring the clocks found in major European cities, including astrological signs and Roman numerals on the clock face, as well as open-faced gears.
The Olympics use Roman numerals, as did a couple of world wars.
An affinity for Roman numerals notwithstanding, this is the Olympics for a generation more familiar with the intricacies of Moto X Best Trick than modern pentathlon--but make no mistake: Whatever generation you represent, you'll come away awed by the unbridled athleticism on display here.
Besides conversions, the tool calculates percentages, square roots, Roman numerals, remainders after division, factorials, trigonometric functions, logarithm bases and more.
A second high court frieze includes a single tablet with the Roman numerals one through 10 on it.
It also is not explained why some columns are given Roman numerals while others are labelled with non-Roman numbers.