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a symbol in the old Roman notation

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I" with the swinging connection of the letters as well as the distinctive writing of the year of composition in Roman numerals below, demonstrates that my manuscript is indeed an autograph by Vincent d'Indy.
In the example shown below, a decimal numeral is entered into the lower cell and a conversion to Roman numerals appears in the higher cell between the two pictures that appear somewhat more Greek than Roman.
7] in the key of B [flat] major which would result in the chord being notated, in Roman numeral language, as [ii.
Appendices include a tutorial on ratios and proportions, serial dilutions tables, Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion tables and Roman numeral nomenclature.
Brazelton is a 5-foot-7-inch, 170-pound black man, with a tatoo of the Roman numeral two on the right side of his neck.
In her piano classes at The University of Texas at Austin, she will walk to the board in the front of the room and write a Roman numeral I followed by a bar line.
Gang member Slappy, center, and some of his cohorts make the signs for the Roman numeral 18 in tonight's ``Wide Angle'' documentary on KCET, ``18 With a Bullet.
The burnished gold and white face incorporates a Roman numeral dial set with decorative hands protected by a glass-framed door that also provides access for winding.
Was there really an extra Roman numeral "I" there, or was I just seeing things?
There is no running pagination; instead, articles are identified (sometimes inaccurately) by a Roman numeral, readers then needing to rely on original pagination.
They learn quantities 6 to 10 as 5 plus 1 to 5, similar to fingers or the Roman numeral VIII as 8.
As much as any modern dance in recent years, V (which is not the Roman numeral for five, but likely an allusion to the wedge formation that opens the piece) is a profound interpretation of its score rather than a reflection of it.
It's not clear how typicalness would be determined; presumably anyone whose last name ends in a Roman numeral would be declared ineligible.
Each is assigned a Roman numeral and the original page numbers are retained.
Instead we tend to misremember the appearance of such timepieces in line with our schematic knowledge of the Roman numeral system.