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In this reference for general readers and students in high school and up, 94 alphabetical articles describe the most well-known heroes and heroines from Greek and Roman mythology, from Achilles to Troilus, and also cover overlapping demigods, nymphs, sorceresses, and other creatures that inhabited the mortal world and figured prominently in the myths of the heroes and heroines.
Blending history, literature and the Hebrew scriptures as well as Babylonian, Greek and Roman mythology Kugel's book, Jh the Valley of the Shadow, puts together a composite picture of the divine as witnessed in human history It also includes memoirlike reminiscences of Kugel's illness, prayers and spiritual insights.
The term, from Roman mythology, refers to the possession of two faces, or diprosopia, which occasionally occurs in numerous species.
The school provides a classical liberal arts education - students read Plato and Aristotle, and Greek and Roman mythology, and study the Renaissance and the Reformation - and emphasizes building strong character traits as the foundation for a successful life.
The great arcades are also decorated with allegorical figures representing characters in Roman mythology.
Explaining what Artemia means, Foteva said: "Well, my name is Diana, which in the Roman mythology is the deity of hunting and fertility.
In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of gates, doorways, beginnings, and endings.
The bank was optimistically renamed Aurora Bank FSB in April -- Aurora being the goddess of the dawn in Roman mythology.
Named after a figure from Roman mythology who was the reliever of droughts, William Hill had accommodated some clients at 50-1 for next year's Stan James 2,000 Guineas, so it was surprising to see him drift on course.
Students could also write their character's biography, or compare and contrast today's superheros with Greek and Roman mythology and/or with their character.
They have long been regarded as having aphrodisiac properties and in Roman mythology were the fruit of Venus, their goddess of love and beauty.
The advanced English classes were taking a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art to view the exhibits on Greek and Roman mythology.
White, Latina Mythica by Bonnie A Catto (Professor of Classics, Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts) is a highly accurate collection of classic Roman Mythology excerpts in Latin.
Mardi Gras krewes, which derive their names from Roman mythology, are clubs of like-minded individuals in New Orleans who put on balls and build floats for the parades.