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the legal code of ancient Rome

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In modern times, the Romanian Civil Code of 1864 maintained the relation between Roman law and our law.
The Magistrates, in Roman Law, played no part in controlling executive power.
Under the common law, the judges played the key role; for Leoni, it was the jurisconsult under the Roman law who performed that function.
The most primitive example of Roman law was "the Law of the Twelve Tables," actually engraved on bronze tablets in the Roman Forum about 450 BC.
The topics include law and equity since Justinian, the equity of the common law courts, arbitrary chancellors and the problem of predictability, equity's connivance in the evasion of legal formalities, whether Roman law was more consistent than English law, and liability of a principal for accidental losses suffered by his agent.
Robert Dundonald Melville, A Manual of the Principles of Roman Law Relating to Persons, Property, and Obligations, 3rd ed.
His project deserves praise in that it does not fall into a trap of merely identifying law with power, and thence of trying to understand the evolution of Roman law as the deployment and development of this power.
Muller, who has devoted his life to its study, comes from the German school that sees this 'rediscovery' of Roman law as 'scientific jurisprudence'.
The goal of Islamic Shariah and its effort to achieve justice is loftier and comprehensive than all manmade laws, even if some manmade laws such as the Roman law are older than the Shariah," Al-Saqih said.
As is well known, current civil law systems, especially in their law of property, (161) are still deeply influenced by the Roman law that was stipulated about two millennia ago and was self-consciously revived at various later times.
This paper discusses the major trends in scholarship about political implications of Roman law, the contribution of Roman law to European culture, the connection between Roman law and ancient Roman society, and the traditional function of Roman law as a source of legal ideas.
Around the same time, renewed interest in Roman law, which used a question-and-answer approach to arrive at decisions, further whetted the scholarly appetite for dialectic study.
To reflect the declining interest in Greek and Roman law, constitutional issues and politics (something the editor regrets), the entries on Demosthenes, Isocrates and Cicero have been shortened.
In pagan Roman law, marriage was defined as "the union (coniunctio) of male and female," which was well understood to be for the purpose of producing children.
It began nearly 2000 years ago with the great law school in Beirut," he said, explaining how the city played a pioneering role in Roman law, which formed the basis of the civil law tradition of Europe.