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the legal code of ancient Rome

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Roman Law occupied a central role in the introduction of Legalism into continental Europe and in the struggle, ultimately successful, of subduing custom.
For Leoni, the significance of Roman law (and later English common law), and its unique compatibility with individual liberty, stems from distinctive characteristics of the common law that are lacking in the legislative process.
The most important influence on my own views on interpretation comes from what most people would regard as an eccentric or outlandish subject: the Roman law, whose interpretive methods are best revealed in the lex Aquilia, which has two key sentences.
The topics include law and equity since Justinian, the equity of the common law courts, arbitrary chancellors and the problem of predictability, equity's connivance in the evasion of legal formalities, whether Roman law was more consistent than English law, and liability of a principal for accidental losses suffered by his agent.
The third type of a trust-like device of the Roman law was named as "fiducia cum creditore".
Melville) Roman law thus began to flesh out some formative distinctions about property ownership which would subsequently form the basis of the modern Western legal tradition.
Moreover, in the study of how Roman law came to be, it must be remembered that the most interesting things .
Columbus matters because Greek democracy, Roman law, Judeo-Christian ethics and the tenet that all men are created equal are European contributions that helped create the nation we live in today.
Not surprisingly, 71% of Britons said the policies were better than what was on offer today and 46% said they were so fed up with the state of the country they would have preferred to live under Roman law.
Roman law was reworked during the Middle Ages according to the needs of medieval society.
City dwellers would also benefit if an ancient Roman law banning vehicles from city roads on the weekends was introduced in UK - and the prospect of inhaling deep lungfuls of clean, pollution-free air is something 76% of urban Brits are gagging for.
The goal of Islamic Shariah and its effort to achieve justice is loftier and comprehensive than all manmade laws, even if some manmade laws such as the Roman law are older than the Shariah," Al-Saqih said.
As is well known, current civil law systems, especially in their law of property, (161) are still deeply influenced by the Roman law that was stipulated about two millennia ago and was self-consciously revived at various later times.
To reflect the declining interest in Greek and Roman law, constitutional issues and politics (something the editor regrets), the entries on Demosthenes, Isocrates and Cicero have been shortened.
In pagan Roman law, marriage was defined as "the union (coniunctio) of male and female," which was well understood to be for the purpose of producing children.