Roman deity

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a deity worshipped by the ancient Romans

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The Virginia seal contains an image of the ancient Roman deity Virtus.
Pomona was the Roman deity of which type of Dustin Hoffman - see Question 6 Master Of Ballantrae and Kidnapped?
When one thinks to have seen attributes typical of a Roman deity, other factors contribute to contradict one's original reading.
THIS first month of the New Year derives its name from an ancient Roman deity who kept the gate of heaven.
Saturnus was the Roman deity who, it was believed, taught the art of agriculture and who welcomed the germinating impulse of nature.
After all, was the ACLU concerned only with removing religious iconography from county logos, it wouldn't have started with the minuscule cross on the seal's periphery, but the gigantic Roman deity at its center - Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruits and the trees that bear them.
Janus was the ancient Roman deity with two faces, and thus we have the month of January.
The fact that the two names of the winged figure in Dubrovnik were respectively borrowed from a newly discovered antique statue and from an obscure Roman deity suggests that it was theoretically possible to perceive Mens-[Greek Text Omitted] not only as a visual metaphor for a purely abstract concept but also as a benevolent supernatural being.