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a round arch drawn from a single center

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In Tyre, the main actions shall address problems in: a- Tyre city site: the mosaics of the "grande allA'e", some parts of the roman baths; and b- Tyre Bass site: the Roman arch, the Monumental tomb, the Columbarium, the church with garden.
You'll notice one architectural unit is absolutely everywhere: the Roman arch.
Sure, there was the time she was doing a dinner theater production of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" on Long Island when bulky Brian Dennehy (`Cocoon,' `Presumed Innocent') got a Roman arch stuck on his back.
Dominating the stage was a stone Roman arch, now fissured, revealing the collapse of the perfect balance of forces inherent in that form.
Dangerousness to self": This to me is the keystone in the Roman arch.
Pointed arches could support a much greater weight and, therefore, a much larger structure than could horizontal beams placed upon columns or placed upon the round or semi-circular Roman arch.
I find the Roman arch decorations at the beginning of each essay ugly.
The Diva design features a square corner, raised panel door style with satin-white thermofoil finish, while the Adagio features solid maple doors with Roman Arch, matching end panels and is finished in natural and pearl.
The photograph is completed by the Roman arch at Tyre and the ruins of Byblos and Anjar.
The runners set off from Damascus Citadel passing through the landmarks of Old City of Damascus including Khan Suleiman Basha, the Roman Arch, al-Bakri Bath, the Umayyad Mosque and Az-Zahiriyah Library.
For city-break culture vultures there's centuries of history to discover, including a Roman arch and bridge, and the pristinely preserved remains of a surgeon's house from the 4th century.
It's quite a big place, but easy to navigate thanks to the presence of notable landmarks like the cathedral, the impressive old Roman arch, the town hall and the swish Place Drouet d'Erlon - a bar and restaurant heaven.