Roman Catholicism

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the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church based in Rome

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Caption: JAILED--Anooshe Rezabakhsh (right) and her son, Sohail Zargarzadeh have been jailed for converting to Roman Catholicism.
CHANGING CHURCHES; AN ORTHODOX, CATHOLIC, AND LUTHERAN THEOLOGICAL CONVERSATION addresses the questions Protestants face when considering conversion and offers the experiences of the two authors, who made similar but different decisions to leave the Lutheran faith--one for Orthodoxy, the other for Roman Catholicism.
All pictures of the Queen, shrouded in respectful black while meeting the Pontiffs of her reign, can't escape the fact that her ancestor Henry VIII reneged on what we call Roman Catholicism.
The Afro-Cuban Santeria religion may owe much to Roman Catholicism, but many Santeros are decidedly unenthusiastic about Pope Benedict XVI's tour of Cuba, Fox News reported Mar.
His topics include the yeast of the Sadducees, corruption of morals and art, Roman Catholicism and the Council of Trent, and the blood of Christ.
In the Church of England there are so many different products that you don't know what you are going to get" - Dr Andrew Burnham, Bishop of Ebbsfleet, one of five Anglican bishops converting to Roman Catholicism.
Calvin's critique of Roman Catholicism was total, encompassing theology, church practices, and lifestyles.
While Stalin shed his religious past when he dropped out of seminary and clearly became an atheist, Hitler never rejected Roman Catholicism (nor did the Church reject him).
Whilst the majority of the book covers well known and less obvious icons of Roman Catholicism the final section introduces just a few others such as Corrie Ten Boom and Martin Luther King.
Yet I and many others like me share one thing in common which has gone back many generations - our faith, which for me is Roman Catholicism.
Reuters -- Pope Benedict took a major step in October to make it easier for disaffected Anglicans who feel their church has become too liberal to convert to Roman Catholicism.
Steven Otfinoski's ROMAN CATHOLICISM (076142119X, $27.
Roman Catholicism with its traditional emphasis on ritual, ceremony and sacrament and overt expression of its faith through processions such as the celebration of feast days as Corpus Christi, arguably has made a deep impact on the cultural identity of our area.
Speaking to the L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's daily newspaper, Blair said Roman Catholicism has become the driving force in his life.
Rome, Vatican City, two locations synonymous with Roman Catholicism as their past and current capitals.