Roman Catholic Church

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the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy

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In the immediate period following the announcement of the forthcoming Vatican Council, the WCC became the privileged ecumenical partner for the Roman Catholic Church.
People have often said getting an annulment from the Roman Catholic church is discouraging because of the lengthy and expensive process.
The scheme, announced last year by the Vatican, allows Anglicans to join the Roman Catholic Church while maintaining aspects of their spiritual heritage.
After his retirement in 1989 he assisted at San Roque Roman Catholic Church in Santa Barbara.
A work of impeccable scholarship, Practices Of Dialogue In The Roman Catholic Church: Aims And Obstacles, Lessons And Laments by Bradford Hinze (Professor of Theology at Fordham University) is an substantively informative, academically rigorous, thought-provoking study of the history of the various practices of dialogue and their effectiveness at every level of the Roman Catholic Church around the globe in the past forty years.
Hayburn (organist, teacher, composer, parish priest, music historian, and former director of muse to the archdiocese of San Francisco and faculty member of the Catholic University of America) is a 619-page compendium covering ecclesiastical influences on the music of the Roman Catholic church from 95 A.
The Tribunal also concluded that the 1980 Scotland Education Act "does not permit the Roman Catholic Church to reserve certain posts for teachers who are Roman Catholics," reported The Herald, a Glasgow newspaper.
This new pope's order to rid the Roman Catholic Church of any and all gays is going to set the world back about 50 years in terms of acceptance of the LGBT community.
Do you think the Humanist magazine and its readers would support a movement to eliminate the tax-exempt status of the Roman Catholic Church due to its violation of U.
The world is mourning the death of Pope John Paul II, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
But he himself fought decidedly and at times vehemently for the freedom of the church, both from despotic princes and from the authoritarian Roman Catholic Church of his time.
Hill is at his strongest in his excellent survey of the situation of the French Roman Catholic Church and Loisy's position therein.
THE unit set up to deal with paedophile activity among priests in the Roman Catholic Church in Wales and England received 62 new allegations of abuse against children last year.
ATLANTA -- The Atlanta archdiocese is preparing to file a lawsuit against "Capilla de la Fe," a network of nine churches in north Georgia that the archdiocese says falsely claims to be associated with the Roman Catholic church and misleads members by conducting services that imitate the Catholic liturgy.
Critics of efforts to reform the Roman Catholic church from within almost always argue that the church is not a democracy.
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