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Synonyms for roly-poly

Synonyms for roly-poly

well-rounded and full in form

Synonyms for roly-poly

a rotund individual

pudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled up and baked or steamed

short and plump

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They hope to release Roly Poly back into the wild when he slims down to 2lb.
The new Aunt Bessie's Chocolate Roly Poly will also be launched.
Despite the ongoing food debate, it's clear parents feel that there is still a place for the likes of jam roly poly on school menus.
Topping the bill will be the self-style 'Duchess of Dudley', former Roly Poly Lizzie Wiggins, who will be presenting her laughter show.
ROLY POLY Craig Parry caused an upset by winning the Heineken Classic in Melbourne yesterday, defeating Nick O'Hern in a playoff and leaving pre-tournament 3-1 favourite Ernie Els in his wake, writes Steve Palmer.
The eponymous, roly poly heroines are played by Fiona Allen - Julia Stone in Coronation Street and a star of Channel 4 sketch show Smack The Pony - and Sophie Thompson, from period drama Emma.
Indian flavors are turning up at Roly Poly, California Pizza
Community support officers Karl Joseph and Mike Rowley found the two-week-old seal, which they later named Roly Poly, on the promenade at Prestatyn back in November.
Police doctors carried out a routine examination for injuries and found the bullet lodged in the spare tyres around roly poly Rolf's waist.
Others in the top 10 were roly poly Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles, Russell Brand, Little Britain star David Walliams and The Office's Martin Freeman.
Not me, says roly poly Clifford, who's starving in prison
Lhermitte's Pierre thinks he's hit paydirt with the bumbling, disheveled, roly poly Francois (Jacques Villeret), a divorced, woebegone tax accountant who pours his energy into building matchstick models of the Eiffel Tower and other such edifices.
Roly poly, steamed pudding, sticky toffee pudding, spotted dick.
ROLY poly comedian Johnny Vegas is on a health kick.
ROLY poly comic Peter Kay has booked himself into a gym in a desperate bid to burn off the fat.