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(trademark) a desktop rotary card index with removable cards

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A few days later I noticed the old Rolodexes on a shelf, stuffed to the gills with orange, blue, green and white cards, some tattered, some not.
We had dusted off our Rolodexes and were back into conflict journalism, bringing our readers their old diet of controversy and misunderstanding.
Professionals can expand their Rolodexes, and include contacts at local investment groups such as: Accuitive, Biobank, Cycad, EDF, Finistere, Great Pacific, JMI, Numenor, Steelpoint, and hundreds more.
Others find it hard to part with Rolodexes, Liquid Paper and fax machines, though technological advances have created products that should have made them obsolete years ago.
And since contemporary curators are short on cosseting precious objects with white cotton gloves and long on compiling fat Rolodexes filled with international artists whom they hire to concoct on-the-spot work for theme shows, it's not exactly earth-shattering that providing creative opportunities for the likes of Cardiff and Sze would be a source of pride for Grynsztejn.
We also found that many brokerage houses use their computers as fancy rolodexes rather than exploring the full power of the computer or software.
I believe campaign limits benefit incumbents, who can easily turn to their fat Rolodexes filled with donors.
To the left a marble bust looks on impassively, while to the right, a man in a white shirt sits behind a desk absorbed in work, a phalanx of Rolodexes before him.
It delivers this powerful advantage by providing detailed and actionable intelligence about supplier performance that goes well beyond the most basic credit reports; manufacturers' own information about service and quality and procurement managers' Rolodexes and gut instincts that are so often the backbone of engaging and managing supplier relationships.
Well-connected committee members combed their Rolodexes and address books and drew up a list of 1,800 invitees from among their friends, family members and clients.
CaptureCard can be printed on one side like standard business cards, while the reverse side features four adhesive labels which can be peeled off and easily transferred to other material such as address books, rolodexes, calendars or promotional collateral.
With the addition of documents, spreadsheets, databases and other computer content, handhelds have become much more than digital rolodexes," said Dan Reuvers, Bachmann Software's vice president.
Already, SCOUT has the potential to "replace a lot of overstuffed Rolodexes," according to PC Magazine.
Until now, officers have kept critical customer information in a variety of locations including Rolodexes, file folders, and various PC contact management programs.