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(trademark) a desktop rotary card index with removable cards

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Here is a comparison of the services of Tony's Rolodex Advocates vs Senior Housing Referral websites.
Anyone can have a "Big Gun" Rolodex in his or her holster.
Family friend Keya Morgan told the New York Post: "I inspected the Rolodex and was shocked to see all the numbers of the most powerful people in Hollywood.
While TiE is there to tap its Rolodex for members, the group, as a nonprofit, never invests in any company directly.
In our age of deregulated, free-market global capitalism, the canon may have collapsed, but in its place has risen only the curator's Rolodex, the artworld's iPod writ large.
One might describe them as next-generation Rolodex filing systems.
Our work as consultants nationally and internationally gives us a great Rolodex of professional resources upon which we can call, far greater than even the formidable list of contractors and suppliers maintained by a large institution.
To find musicians Alfonso worked her Rolodex, calling all over the country to cherry-pick great players who could fly in the week before the annual concerts--December 10-11 this year, and long soldout--and home thereafter.
In addition to his accomplishments and books and articles published, I was taken by the section, "Names in my Rolodex.
Changes to the Person Rolodex allow for easy access directly from the Find function; once an employee is selected to fill a shift, a click of the mouse places a call to that person.
When I heard about his death, I went to my desk and took his business card from my Rolodex.
Despite his extreme leftist credentials, or perhaps because of them, Berlet is on the Rolodex of most figures in the Establishment media who carry out journalistic floggings of anything conservative.
You've got to be resourceful--use your Rolodex, your attorney's Rolodex, your accountant's Rolodex, anyone who's connected, and have them help you get a phone call or meeting scheduled with your candidates.
We all use the members' list as an online rolodex of architects' phone numbers.