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anything characterized by abrupt and extreme changes (especially up and down)

elevated railway in an amusement park (usually with sharp curves and steep inclines)

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Ms Staveley will soon find that owning Newcastle will provide more ups and downs than the most thrilling rollercoaster.
IT'S 200 years since a wooden cart lurched down a track in Paris and the rollercoaster was born.
EIGHT children and two adults have been taken to hospital after a rollercoaster derailed at a theme park in Scotland.
Ride Tek has had much success in delivering various rollercoasters to theme parks around the world.
I once had a relationship with a girl who worked on a rollercoaster.
Nemesis is still seen as one of the world's finest rollercoasters and has picked up many accolades.
But children can also try out gentler rollercoasters and rides - there are dozens to choose from among the park's six themed areas.
MCLAREN team boss Martin Whitmarsh feels a "battle-hardened" Lewis Hamilton has the stomach to cope with the latest rollercoaster ride in his Formula One career.
The very young - or more timid - can try gentler rollercoasters and rides, as there are literally dozens to choose from among the park's five themed areas.
Rollercoasters throw the body in all sorts of directions that you are not used to.
THE theme park which would become Pleasureland opened on March 29,1913, with eight rollercoasters and a slide.
Mum Annemarie Morgan hates rollercoasters but loves her husband - and proves love is stronger than hate.
ONLY the brave-hearted will try out the world's scariest rollercoasters this weekend.
The game will include all-new attractions such as new types of rollercoasters and new rides, like the jet ski ride, plus new park shops, like T-shirt stands, donut stands and a coffee cafe.