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(trademark) an in-line skate

travel on shoes with a single line of rubber wheels attached to their soles

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For more: Call Rollerblade USA at (800) 232-7655, or visit www.
Rollerblade hoped the computer simulation would help it avoid the cost of a new facility in the short term by identifying ways to get the most out of its existing warehouse.
Some of the most inspirational displays of in-line talent are the Team Rollerblade dancers and ramp skaters.
GET A BUNCH of rollerblade logos tattooed on your face and neck.
But despite summers freedom, it's plagued with potential separation pitfalls-especially if you and your buds don't live a Rollerblade away.
Companies in the Benetton Sportsystem including Nordica, Prince, Rollerblade, Ektelon, Kastle and Graffaloy were selected for the Scribner site because of their worldwide stature, potential for enhanced product development and their ability to stand out as an innovator in fashion, technology and design.
The concept car was designed in collaberation with Rollerblade and is aimed at young sporty, city dwellers.
In-line skating debuted at the first Extreme Games in 1995, near the height of the initial Rollerblade craze.
He also held a variety of accounting and financial management positions with Pillsbury and Rollerblade, Inc.
In addition, he has experience in the sporting goods sector, including involvement with Benetton's acquisition of Killerloop, Rollerblade, Prince, Ektelon, Kastle, Asolo and Nordica sports brands in the 1990s.
Ve attach a rocket to de rollerblade, and vhen ve vant to go faster, ve press a button, and avay ve go.
Design customers include AT&T, BMW, Boeing, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Italdesign, Kodak, Kwikset, Mattel, Price Pfister, Renault, Rollerblade, Sharp, Trek Bicycle, Teague and Timex.
Anyone can participate in this run, and they can run, Rollerblade or pedal bike through it,'' said Deputy Artie Thompson of the Santa Clarita sheriff's station.
And don't worry, kids, if you've been wondering what happened to Li'l Chubbs the rollerblade king.