return on investment

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(corporate finance) the amount, expressed as a percentage, that is earned on a company's total capital calculated by dividing the total capital into earnings before interest, taxes, or dividends are paid

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Since the ROI mask expends as it is created, there is a possibility for two ROIs that are disjoint in the spatial domain to have some have some coefficients in common in the wavelet domain.
First, the coefficient bitplanes of all ROIs must be scaled with the same values, which does not have the flexibility to allow for an arbitrary scaling value to define the relative importance of the ROIs and BG wavelet coefficients.
The general scaling based method can offer the multiple ROIs coding with different degrees of interest, but it has three major drawbacks.
At high bit rates, both ROIs and BG can be coded with high quality and the difference among them is not very noticeable.
For multiple ROI coding, GLBShift cannot only support different degrees of interest at different decoding rates, but also dose not limit the ROIs shapes.
Figure 8 shows original and reconstructed MRI images with three ROIs using different ROI coding methods.
Experimental results for medical image show that the presented method can efficiently code multiple ROIs based on different degrees of interest without any shape information of the ROIs.
It also supports for lossless coding of ROIs only or the entire image.
Since achieving full implementation, we have been able to demonstrate hard dollar savings in excess of initial projections, average transaction costs were reduced by 63% and ROI will be attained in 10 months or less -- a full two months ahead of our initial projections.
IPNet's ROI model provides a simple yet powerful tool -- enabling companies to quantify hard dollar savings based on current transaction volume and efficiency.
IPNet's B2B ROI guarantee leverages only demonstrable, hard dollar savings by examining existing business processes and calculating savings customers will achieve by implementing IPNet eBizness(TM) Transact.
The final result is a customer ROI combining clear-cut, measurable benefits with soft-dollar savings and strategic advantages.
To achieve the fastest ROI, companies should focus on connecting as many trading partners as they can.
A formal ROI guarantee is issued after IPNet experts and the customer work together to build a detailed plan to achieve the customer's objectives in their desired timeframe.
IPNet believes that by helping companies formulate their e-business strategy and providing tools for analyzing potential financial investments including the development of an ROI (return on investment) model, it can assist potential customers in evaluating e-commerce participation.