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a state that does not respect other states in its international actions

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As for the ballistic missile threat from rogue nations, the potential danger is real enough to warrant continued research but not premature deployment.
The need for missile defense is to stop rogue nations from lobbing biological, chemical or nuclear-tipped missiles in our direction - an increasingly likely possibility in a rapidly destabilizing and militarizing world.
1) Bush falsely asserts that deterrence is no assurance against missile attacks from small rogue nations like Iraq.
In part, defense officials fear ultra-high-quality maps of the Earth's cities could help terrorists plan bomb attacks and aid rogue nations in fixing missile targets.
The 19-year-old twins now stand shoulder to shoulder with such epigones of embarrassment as Roger Clinton, whose coke-addled vocal stylings finally found an audience in the rock 'n' roll clubs of North Korea; Uncle Neil Bush, who has effectively gone missing since his role in the Silverado Savings & Loan scandal cast a pall over Poppy Bush's years in power; Patti Davis Reagan, who not only laid bare her disagreements with her father at numerous anti-nuke rallies but eventually laid bare for Playboy; and Billy Carter, whose predilection for public urination was matched only by his willingness to exploit his First Brother status to sell self-branded beer to his countrymen and arms to rogue nations.
As many as 20 more countries, including so-called rogue nations such as North Korea and Iraq, have sought or may be seeking to develop nuclear weapons.
The US administration wants to build a national missile defence system to protect itself against the threat of rockets from what it calls rogue nations.
The most sensible course of action might be to field a small missile defense that would be sufficient to knock down isolated missiles fired by rogue nations but not powerful enough to threaten Russia's and China's offensive capability.
It sure makes us sleep better at night to know that there aren't all those rogue nations skulking about, plotting to launch terrorist attacks or nuclear missiles.
Rogue nations with biological and chemical warfare programs
In his Senate speech against the treaty, watched carefully by rogue nations with hunks of plutonium in their pockets and an itch to use them, the Jowled One actually spoke of Bill Clinton and "yer little friend Monica.
Foremost among these, he testified, "are nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue nations.
Ambassador Haley urged all UN agencies to be "transparent" and apply the utmost scrutiny when dealing with these types of requests from North Korea and other rogue nations.
Now we live in a more uncertain world, with the fear that terrorists or rogue nations could acquire nuclear weapons.