rogue state

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a state that does not respect other states in its international actions

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Microsoft has offered a 250,000 dollars reward for information leading to the identification of the individuals - or rogue governments - behind Conficker.
Conversely, a bevy of highly co-ordinated hackers, some even financed by rogue governments, are standing at the ready to accept the challenge offered by what industry may view as powerful encryption; and what the hackers view as mere child's play.
Moreover, Russian biologists, like physicists and chemists, may have left Russia to sell their services to rogue governments.
Although nearly any government may from time to time be assailed with the charge of human rights violation by a politically opportunist opposition, the willful, overt commission of violations against internationally established human rights standards is most often associated with the policies of a smaller group of rogue governments.
Bob Dole proposed legislation for an antimissile system Thursday and charged that President Clinton's policies would leave Americans exposed to attack from rogue governments.
How can such deadly devices be effectively restricted from rogue governments and terrorists?
Assassinations, kidnappings, torture - the actions of uncivilised pirates, barbaric criminals and rogue governments.
Poorer countries need help in creating sustainable agriculture suitable to their environments and the stronger powers must act, instead of looking the other way, when rogue governments effectively starve their own people by stealing or destroying resources, of failing to develop them.