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English physician who in retirement compiled a well-known thesaurus (1779-1869)

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Roget says populations in rural and frontier communities have higher suicide rates and more serious alcohol and drug problems than their counterparts in urban/suburban regions, mainly because they have less access to prevention and early intervention services.
Whereas most of the players in this drama were claiming the glory for themselves, it is noticeable that the testimony of only one person--Girolamo Sirtori instead lauds somebody else, hitherto unknown: a 'withered old man' in Gerona whom he names as the spectacle-maker Roget of Burgundy, along with Roget's Barcelonan nephews.
There was a turning point in thesaurus construction in 1951, when Hans Peter Luhn created a thesaurus that was influenced by Roget.
Basham equalised and then Cheltenham's Brian Wilson headed off the line from Leo Roget as the Robins hung on.
The hosts were cruising when new signing Eric Sabin and ex-Rushden defender Leo Roget scored inside 25 minutes.
Just 60 seconds later another ex-Diamond gave the Us what looked like a comfortable lead when Leo Roget headed home but their advantage was pegged back.
The home side looked to be cruising when new signing Eric Sabin and Leo Roget fired them into a two-goal lead.
Way back in 1852 Mark Peter Roget had a simple idea - he would compile a book that would enable the user to look up a word with just a vague notion of what it meant.
Dr Peter Mark Roget was 71 when his first list of 15,000 words was published in 1852.
Farmers may decide to plant a pea crop that may make only $50 per hectare instead of $150 if they planted wheat,' Roget says.
In the highly popular short stories Murders in the Rue Morgue, The and Purloined Letter, The, as well as the less successful "The Mystery of Marie Roget," Dupin is depicted as an eccentric, a reclusive amateur poet who prefers to work at night by candlelight and who smokes a meerschaum pipe--foreshadowing the nocturnal Sherlock Holmes.
We cannot but be often conscious," wrote Peter Mark Roget in introducing his Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, Classified and Arranged so as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas and Assist in Literary Composition (1852), "that the phraseology we have at our command is inadequate to do.
Roget dropped to third place among the sparklers when Cook's overtook it.
Leading brands for North Lake Wines include Escudo Rojo, Fernleaf, Foolish Oak, J Roget, Kelly's Revenge, Marcus James, Mouton Cadet, Paul Masson table wines, and Taylor California Cellars.