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English scientist and Franciscan monk who stressed the importance of experimentation


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When one compares Lambert and Roger Bacon on signification, one notices some very significant differences.
Later, one of the relatives, Roger Bacon, whose son was killed in Iraq, told the BBC Radio Four's today programme: "He [Chilcot] has now come back and it's as we were, that the Maxwellisation process will continue and he will publish, as he puts it, as soon as possible, but when's that?
Roger Bacon, whose son Major Matthew Bacon was killed in Iraq in 2005, said he was "disappointed" Sir John had still not set a timetable for publication and accused him of failing to understand the families' anguish.
Similar theological views permeate the thinking of Roger Bacon.
I would also like to thank Roger Bacon, his wife Myrtle, Rita Castagna, and her staff for the fine job they do in running the district and state basketball tournaments.
These themes were taken up by the Franciscan theologians-musicians-theorists to whose work Loewen dedicates chapters: Lotario di Segni (Pope Innocent III), Alexander of Hales, William of Middleton, David von Augsburg, Robert Grosseteste, Roger Bacon, Bartholomaeus Anglicus, and Juan Gil de Zamora.
The first British submarine had been launched in 1902, and the periscope, raised and lowered by compressed air, was invented by the first submarine captain Roger Bacon.
8) Much of the material for Roger Bacon, the thirteenth-century friar, derives from the anonymous sixteenth-century The Famous Historie of Friar Bacon, which was not available in published form until 1627.
Llega a ser claro que la discusion latina, tal como en Alberto el Grande, Tomas de Aquino o Roger Bacon y John Duns, debe ser pensada como el resultado de la incorporacion y transformacion afirmativa de la tradicion Arabe-Aristotelica, o su rechazo.
To understand this transitional period, Ryan explores the thought-world of authorities such as the Spiritual Franciscans, Arnau de Vilanova, John of Rupescissa, and Roger Bacon.
Pioneiro em muitos sentidos, a sua avaliacao do papel da ciencia e do metodo cientifico no desenvolvimento do conhecimento e considerada de grande importancia e deixou marcas nos seus sucessores, que incluem nomes tao importantes como Roger Bacon, Duns Escoto, Guilherme de Ockham e John Wycliffe.
Roger Bacon owed a major debt to Arab scientists who were pioneers in mathematics, physics and chemistry.
Lo cierto es que la documentacion mas antigua del uso de la palabra almanaque nos remite a Roger Bacon, quien la empleo en 1267 en el contexto de la astronomia.
His topics include the origins of computistical chronography and its crisis in the early Middle Ages, chronology and the 12th-century Renaissance, a science of time with Roger Bacon and his successors, biblical chronology and Ptolemy's eclipses, and the life of Jesus and the emergence of scientific chronology.