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Synonyms for rogation

a formula of words used in praying

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a solemn supplication ceremony prescribed by the church

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Every Friday in the year, the Rogation days, Ember days, and the forty days of Lent were appointed fast days.
The omission of Esther from the current Roman lectionary makes one sit up and take notice that in the ninth century the Pechianus manuscript contains forms of Tobit, Judith, and Esther slightly abridged and arranged for reading on the Rogation Days albeit in monastic settings.
In the countryside religious rites spoke directly to the needs of the agrarian economy in the blessing of ploughs on Plough Sunday in January, the blessing of land and crops on Rogation Days.
In the first category, music specific to the day, we would put the hymn and Magnificat of Vespers, the psalms of Vespers and Terce (probably in fabordon), villancicos and processional hymns, the litany on Rogation days, the Salve Regina during Lent, the Te Deum laudamus when it was needed, and any required items from the Mass Ordinary of the day.
The service includes prayers for people whose lives are in tune with the seasons, for instance, prayers for Rogation days, the three days of celebrating before Ascension Thursday.
The first sermon, for the Rogation Days, expounds Genesis 12:8, "on the east side.