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Synonyms for minoxidil

a vasodilator (trade name Loniten) used to treat severe hypertension

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Illustrating the depth of Pharmacia & Upjohn's product base, Milliken points to another nonprescription product - Rogaine Extra Strength for Men.
In clinical trials Rogaine Extra Strength for Men either stopped hair loss or regrew hair in four out of five men with moderate hair loss.
s Rogaine, the dominant product line in the segment, was recently extended with Rogaine Extra Strength for Men.
Our research has shown that Rogaine Extra Strength will stop hair loss or promote new hair growth in four out of five men who use it, and the guarantee reflects our high level of confidence.
s Rogaine Extra Strength for Men is proving to be popular with both retailers and consumers.
Pharmacia & Upjohn Consumer Healthcare is launching a money-back guarantee promotion for its Rogaine Extra Strength hair restorer.