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The string in a rock guitar is a beautiful mathematical object and if you can understand the physics behind the string then you can understand a lot of other physics," said Mark.
According to the company, the eMedia Rock Guitar Method features songs by such artists as Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, Van Halen, Rage Against the Machine, AC/DC and others.
Canaguey is my favorite track for its Hendrix implied guitar structure, a true and pure rock guitar based group composition.
And this, perhaps, is the horns of the Daisy Rock Guitar dilemma -- do we really need more bubblegum music flooding the airwaves?
We've been using rock drum samples, rock guitar samples, rye been playing the guitar, and rhythmically, the songs are more like rock.
The absolutely brilliant Brit combines classic hard rock guitar with 21st-century electronica for a sound that's sheer genius.
Ubi Soft Entertainment, the multimedia developer based here, is gearing up for the April release of two new consumer CD-ROM products: Plugged-In Classic Rock Guitar and Rayman.
Delay, reverb, vibrato, trills, harmonics--all the trademarks of rock guitar are efforts to play with time.
Since his work with folk-rock pioneers Fairport Convention two decades ago, Thompson's music has combined medieval forms, rock guitar picking from James Burton's brilliantly concise rockabilly to Jimi Hendrix's outer space bends and slurs, and folkily meaningful lyrics -Dylan was among his, and Fairport's, early heroes.
You Rock Digital[TM] announces You Rock Guitar compatibility with Rock Band 3 Pro mode, in addition to already controlling legacy five-button music video games like Guitar Hero[R] and Rock Band[R].
Their early music style was unique, with a heavy influence of analogue synthesizers, psychedelic rock guitar, saxophone and dub producer techniques which were later perfected by the late Pablo Falconer.
The majestic surrounding of the Town Hall seemed a fitting place to witness one of, if not the, greatest of all melodic rock guitar players, although David Gilmour might have something to say about that.
Ultimate Guitar Tab Treasure Chest: 50 Great Rock Guitar Transcriptions is for any rock music holding looking for guitar and vocal guides for contemporary players, and packs in key works by Foo Fighters, Slayer, Sublime, Kansas, John Lennon, Green Day and much more.
An infectious blend of Franz Ferdinand's angular art rock guitar and The View's folky melody and vocals, it's underpinned by a funky rhythm.
8220;Working for the USA,” produced and written by Steve Cooke features his classic 12-string guitar sound, accompanied with notes of pedal steel and roaring Rock guitar riffs joining in the fanfare.