Coffea canephora

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native to West Africa but grown in Java and elsewhere

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Svetol takes the weight loss and health benefits of a generic GCB extract a step further by only using premium Robusta variety of green coffee beans.
Shipments by Uganda, Africa's biggest producer of the Robusta variety, are poised to fall to 185,000 60-kilogram (132- pound) bags, from 262,793 bags a year earlier, the authority said today in a draft report, details of which were provided to Bloomberg News today from the capital, Kampala.
While most Robustas find themselves in dire straits, their trouble is not caused by the robusta variety per se.
Today, the plant strains which are cultivated on the Indian plantations are Research Station Selections 795, 9, and 12 (Cauvery) of the Arabica variety, and the 274 and CxR of the Robusta variety.
In 1984, 60% of all coffee imported was the Robusta variety, with 40% Arabica," notes Humphries.
CAF spoke of a world of sharing, tolerance, and healthy communication, seeking to better the image of the Robusta variety.