Coffea canephora

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native to West Africa but grown in Java and elsewhere

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Earlier this year, the price of Sri Lankan tea was rising while robusta coffee beans were falling, but the tables have turned.
Some of the biggest annual hikes are for robusta coffee beans, up 52 per cent, wheat, up 45 per cent, and cattle products, up 24 per cent.
Some of the biggest annual hikes are for Robusta coffee beans, up 52%, and wheat, up 45%, and cattle products, up 24%.
The price of robusta coffee beans used to make Nescafe has jumped 50 per cent in the past 12 months.
They produce both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.
The meter is programmed to accommodate up to 12 different products, including green Arabica or Robusta coffee beans.
As an illustration, the price of Robusta coffee beans in Jambi has dropped from Rp 5,500 per kg to Rp 3,500, that of Robusta Asalan in Bandar Lampung from Rp 5,500 to rp 5,300, that of Robusta coffee in Semarang from Rp 11,500 to Rp 11,000, and that of R/WIB-II coffee in Surabaya from Rp 9,500 to Rp 9,000.
She points out soluble coffee has traditionally been made from low-quality Robusta coffee beans, and their product is different.
In Jambi, for example, the price of Robusta coffee beans has plummeted from Rp 5,500/kg to Rp 3,500.
London is the world's great market for Robusta coffee beans.
The Idaho coffee maker says his success is due partly to his decision to shun traditional Robusta coffee beans and use only top-grade Arabica beans which he buys from San Francisco, New York, and New Orleans coffee brokers, or directly from growers on trips around the world.