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United States poet who wrote about California (1887-1962)

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The Wild God of the West: An Anthology of Robinson Jeffers.
And to some people, the mellifluous name Robinson Jeffers was familiar, but nothing more than that.
Lawrence, Robinson Jeffers, gay poet Witter "Hal" Bynner, among others, plus their spouses, lovers, and hangers-on.
I cherish them too, which is why I wanted to pay homage to the poet of Carmel's wilder side, Robinson Jeffers.
Random House's The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (1938) features a heavy page stock, a textural woven cloth cover, and a beatific frontispiece portrait by Edward Weston.
I again used works by Snyder, Le Guin, and Hogan, and added in Robinson Jeffers, including his book-length poem, "The Double Axe," written in the 1940s.
Eliot, certainly more than Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, Robinson Jeffers, and, I would argue, Robert Frost.
It was a community of beach cottages and thick forest (occurring naturally) and morning fog - the kind of Central Coast attributes sure to nurture contemplation and inspiration, as it did for the souls of Robinson Jeffers, Sinclair Lewis, Mary Cleveland and Edward Weston, among many others.
Milosz reserves special praise for Whitman, Robinson Jeffers, and Robert Frost, and he records what an important part was played by Henry Miller in the sixties.
The peninsula's charms have made it a popular tourist destination and it also captured the hearts of artists and writers including John Steinbeck, Henry Miller, Robinson Jeffers, Robert Louis Stevenson and Ansel Adams.
123), who was the admiring attendant upon the principal luminaries of three successive Californian literary generations, namely Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, and Robinson Jeffers.
Besides their own and each other's work, they discuss the work of, among others, Albert Camus, Heraclitus, Robinson Jeffers, Boris Pasternak, and Simone Weil.
He also delved into the world of literature, immersing himself in the work of Robinson Jeffers and D.
25, celebrating the work and life of poet Robinson Jeffers.
Poet Robinson Jeffers was denounced by his own publisher for his volume The Double Axe, which Time called a "necrophilic nightmare.