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United States baseball player

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The letter was sent to Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Middle East Envoy George Mitchell, who has a history of involvement with Major League Baseball, and Rachel Robinson, Jackie Robinson's wife.
The figures range from the towering, if familiar, exempla of sports heroics (Jackie Robinson, Jackie loyner-Kersee, Joe Paterno) to those coaches, players, executives whose lives have not found headlines but whose stories deserve attention.
FIT FOR THE FUTURE: Gymnast Sarah Hughes sets the tone for business colleagues (back, from left) Jim Robinson, Jackie Jackson, James Berry and Adrian and Deborah Hobbs
Past DASA award winners include Troy Aikman, Walter Payton, Herschel Walker, Bill Parcells, David Robinson, Jackie Joyner Kersee and George Foreman.
Delano Robinson, Jackie Robinson's sister-in-law, who wrote an important letter in June to the California State University board of trustees on behalf of student-athletes at CSUN, will be pleased to hear that big money is on the way to CSUN faculty and students.