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Synonyms for robin

small Old World songbird with a reddish breast

large American thrush having a rust-red breast and abdomen

References in classic literature ?
Tha's courtin' some bold young madam somewhere tellin' thy lies to her about bein' th' finest cock robin on Missel Moor an' ready to fight all th' rest of 'em.
The robin was evidently in a fascinating, bold mood.
The robin spread his wings--Mary could scarcely believe her eyes.
And he stood without stirring--almost without drawing his breath--until the robin gave another flirt to his wings and flew away.
The robin listened a few seconds, intently, and then answered quite as if he were replying to a question.
Birds is rare choosers an' a robin can flout a body worse than a man.
I was only just like the robin, and they wouldn't take it from the robin.
In addition, all milkshake sales at Dallas/Fort Worth-area Red Robins restaurants on Sept.
The 2006 Franz Edelman Award winning entry, "Stream-lining Aircraft Repair and Overhaul at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center," was presented by Ken Percell and Bill Best of Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Prof.
scapularis nymphs were collected from five of the six birds: 5 and 2 nymphs, respectively, from the robins and a nymph each from the veerys and grosbeak.
He's the first junior to ever take Latin 4, so teacher Ann Robins has to create a special fifth-year Latin course for him next year.
In February 1975, near the end of the trial, a leading plaintiffs' lawyer, Bradley Post, introduced a smoking-gun internal Robins memo.
Realization Technologies today is proudly joining in the applause for the dramatic bottom-line results achieved by the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center in Georgia through the implementation of its Execution Management System.
PALMDALE - Highland High School senior Patrick Robins has inherited some of his parents' academic genes.
Robins pharmaceutical company, does not use the word "crime' in telling the sordid tale of the Dalkon Shield.