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a mischievous sprite of English folklore


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There are plenty of Robins and Hoods in the history books but the story may also include another element in the shape of Robin Goodfellow - the primitive spirit of the forest with roots reaching back to a time of pagan gods.
Also trailing in his wake among the London-based papers were The Scout of the Daily Express, the Daily Mail's Robin Goodfellow, Rob Wright of the Times and Richard Evans of the Telegraph.
Curley telephoned the leading jockey to quiz him about the ride he had given Robin Goodfellow, a beaten favourite over hurdles at Ascot in November, 1986.
Diana became the Queen of the May and Herne become Robin Goodfellow (later Robin Hood), or the Green Man.
On his reappearance in the 1935 2,000 Guineas, Bahram again beat Theft into second place, and in the Derby he beat Robin Goodfellow by two lengths after Theft had been pulled off the rails in order to allow him a clear passage.
In the memoirs of the London Bohemians of the 1930s, indeed, Dylan (Thomas) did wander on and off like a Robin Goodfellow.
Sure, now that he has turned 50,000, he has settled down a bit, but Siefker exposes Santa's colorful and often lurid past as the European Wild Man worshipped in ancient fertility rites, as Robin Hood, the Fool, Harlequin, Satan and Robin Goodfellow.
If, however, your name is Newsboy, The Scout, Robin Goodfellow or The Ferret, punters everywhere will silently acknowledge your credentials.
Robin Goodfellow disappointed last time out, when only finishing fifth behind Return of Amin, but he had shown enough in his previous outings, when second at Kempton and a winner at Salisbury with Apache Red behind him, to suggest he is a better horse th an that.
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38% DAILY MAIL Robin Goodfellow 328-1226 26% 50% Uncut Stone 8.
30 Ling Daily Mail Robin Goodfellow Pipers Piping L 30 65 7 2 8 0 4 -3.