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United States chemist honored for synthesizing complex organic compounds (1917-1979)

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Endemic is the backbone of the scene" Robert Woodward
In California, the greatest concern was that Robert Woodward reported to the Director of Vocational Education rather than the Director of Public Education.
Senior Health and Safety Executive inspector Robert Woodward said: "That visit raised no concerns.
During my final journalism class, Professor Robert Woodward told us that the real learning for us was about to begin.
The first athlete back was Robert Woodward in a gross time of 26.
In an interview with the Washington Post's Robert Woodward, President Bush offered a very telling answer when asked if he ever felt compelled to explain his policies and decisions.
You have to be accessible," said Bob Woodward, an assistant managing editor at The Washington Post who is listed in the District of Columbia directory as Robert Woodward as a come-on to future Deep Throats.
Was he, as reported, inspired by Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein?
This year's winners were: June Bowsie and Helen Pendlebury, Linda Hearne and Lynn Edwards, Ann and Tim Healey, Carolyn and Madan Jassi, Marion and Christina Jones, James and Ann Matthews, Robert and Maureen Lynch, Linda Trueman and Barbara Higgins, Henry and Pauline Winstanley and Robert Woodward and Elizabeth Hamill.
The band's drummer Nigel Fletcher, who lives in north Coventry and front man Robert Woodward, from Finham, completed the track in less than 24 hours.
In Birmingham Robert Woodward, a descendant of the family, went on to work at the famous Metro-Cammell works in Washwood Heath.
The best man was Ben Gill and the groomsmen were Robert Woodward, Jonathon Cliff and Caleb Forrest.
But across Route 20, Robert Woodward, who drives from outside Toronto for the shows, was disappointed.
Two sons, Ronald Woodward and Robert Woodward, died previously.