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English writer known for his interest in mythology and in the classics (1895-1985)

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lt;B From left, violin-maker Steve Burnett holding the Siegfried Sassoon violin, historian Neil McLennan with the Robert Graves violin and fiddle player Thoren Ferguson with the Wilfred Owen violin, at Baberton, Edinburgh
Fimi goes on to effectively show the heavy hand of the influence of Robert Graves on Alexander's work, resulting in a fanciful, romanticized rendering of the Welsh sources.
Rick Gallegos, President and CEO, presented to Robert Graves the Consultant of the Year as part of their 2014 Annual Awards Banquet.
But when he wrote that summary twenty years ago, he was unaware of the place of Robert Graves in the earliest phases, and this book corrects that history.
USGS seismologist Robert Graves called it a "typical" Southern California quake and said expectations were that damage would be slight, if it occurred at all.
Schumann, Bacon, Holderlin, Van Gogh, Toledo, Trakl, Emily Dickinson, Warhol, Robert Graves, Jose Luis Cuevas y Octavio Paz, entre otros, han sido protagonistas de sus canticos en los que las sospechas de gestos configuran un cosmos de conmiseraciones espectrales.
Maria is an outstanding lawyer and we are extremely pleased that she has joined our practice in Hong Kong," said Robert Graves, co-chair of Jones Day's Banking & Finance Practice.
Robert Graves was born in Dublin in 1796; his father was Professor of Divinity.
Like Robert Graves Buhle seems to think that Robin is an archaic survival of the Green Man, the Celtic Lord of the Forest, who appears in medieval cathedrals in the form of a face peering out from amidst foliage.
I bumped into the actress Anna Friel in Valencia and we got talking about this book the White Goddess by the writer Robert Graves.
How many people passionate about history have turned to the works of academics having been inspired by the writings of Sir Walter Scott or Mary Renault, Robert Graves or Patrick O'Brian?
Robert Graves questioned Walter De la Mare about the following lines in De la Mare's poem, "All That's Past": "ah, no man knows / Through what wild centuries / Roves back the rose.
Brown had a good poetry editor in the seventies, who was publishing people like Robert Graves and Erica Jong.
On Semmens' website, he sums up the pleasures and sorrows of his art/poetry life, quoting English poet Robert Graves.
English writer Robert Graves first made the idyllic village of Deia famous, even before celebrities such as Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones moved in.