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British general and statesman whose victory at Plassey in 1757 strengthened British control of India (1725-1774)

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Robert Clive, Mariam Ashraff, Margaret Lewis, Louise Tume and Scott Fletcher, and from the top, Glyn Keatinge, Steven Clark and Craig Hertherington
The Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403 features in Shakespeare's Henry IV Part One, while the town was also home to Robert Clive, who won India at the Battle of Plassey, and Charles Darwin, the great naturalist.
Robert Clive Shell was born at Pyle on September 9, 1947, and formed one of the club's greatest half-back partnerships with the late John Bevan, who played for Wales and the 1976 Lions and later coached Wales.
The man most responsible for the East India Company's acquisitions in India was a young clerk named Robert Clive.
Robert Clive Whatley, 70, a stroke sufferer, was showered with glass when officers from Gwent Police surrounded his Range Rover on a country lane after a 17-minute chase.
Some of these men--Cecil Rhodes (British South Africa Company), Robert Clive (English East India Company), and the Hudson's Bay Company's George Simpson--have had their exploits documented in extensive biographies.
In this article I explore the possibility that the unheralded arrival in India of Robert Clive, arguably the first, the archetypal British imperialist, is both enigmatic and momentous.
With a background in English literature and years of studying in various cultures, especially in Asia, Shields partly quotes and partly summarizes the journal that Clive (1758-1830) kept as she lived and traveled in South India with her husband Lord Robert Clive, son of Clive of India.
The company's century-long rule of all of India effectively began following the Battle of Plassey in 1757 when Robert Clive defeated Siraj Ud Daulah, the last independent ruler of Bengal.
For some people the victory of a conniving English buccaneer like Robert Clive over an Indian prince whose main supporter he had previously bribed is not an event to be recorded with any sense of national pride.
Robert Clive (1725-1774): Known as Clive of India, said to be founder of the British Empire.
He was once the pampered pet of Robert Clive - the pioneering British general who helped colonise India in the mid-18th century.
Robert Clive was your first Colonel and under him you fought at Plassey, and not Clive only but Forde and Knox and Hector Munro and all the old heroes of India knew of what stuff you were made .
Robert Clive, the East India Company's governor of Bengal, was the soldier-administrator whose exploits ensured Britain's supremacy in India in the mid-eighteenth century.
The first programme, Rogue Trader, explores the origins of British rule in India and tells the story of Robert Clive, later Lord Clive of India.