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United States humorist (1889-1945)

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Perdue this month won second place in the national Robert Benchley Society Award for Humor Competition, competing with 175 writers worldwide.
His father was the writer Nathaniel Benchley and his grandfather was the humorist, Robert Benchley, founder of the Algonquin Round Table, sometimes likened to London's Bloomsbury Set.
The humorist Robert Benchley describes Vanity Fair, the magazine that gave Wilson his first important job, as "the Elevated Eyebrow school of journalism.
THE EXTRAS: Special features include trailers, vintage shorts and cartoons - including three from acclaimed wit Robert Benchley - and an episode from the television Thin Man series, starring Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk
Artifacts created and gestures enacted by figures such as Jack Benny, Robert Benchley, the Ramones, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, David Letterman and Jeffrey Vallance are appropriately placed in this category.
Adams, Robert Benchley, and Donald Ogden Stewart, publicists who successfully fashioned the New York literary scene into a "gymnasium of celebrities" (Douglas 64).
In the 1920s, as the automobile age moved into high gear in the United States, humorist Robert Benchley pondered the question of how to cope with what would surely soon be a glut of used cars.
In addition to the presentation of the award, a performance piece of Gertrude Stein's "Miss Furr and Miss Skeene" and a staged reading, "Celebrating Dorothy and Her Friends," created by local theatre artist Michael Kearns depicting the Algonquin Round Table in its glory days will feature a host of celebrities portraying Parker and her cronies including Robert Benchley, Alexander Woollcott, Harpo Marx, Tallulah Bankhead, George S.
White, Robert Benchley, John Gould, Russell Baker and good old Ben Franklin.
IT was the American humourist Robert Benchley who said the surest way of making a monkey out of a man was to quote him.
IT was the American humorist Robert Benchley who said the surest way of making a monkey out of a man was to quote him.
The book has plenty of weight (gravitas as well as being perfect as a doorstop) but I prefer the more humorous sayings, such as those from writer Robert Benchley - "I must get out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini" and George Burns-- "The secret of acting is sincerity.
Borrowing a line from humorist Robert Benchley, the "Arsenic" screenplay has Grant's character say of his family, "Insanity runs in the family.
My dad was a big fan of Robert Benchley, and I could not believe this grown man could write this silly stuff.
Here is Robert Benchley at the corrida in an earlier moral incarnation, at a time when he was still much under the influence of pieties: "`I left wishing I could touch a button that would topple the whole place over on top of the crowd and bury them all'" (quoted in Altman 44).