River Thames

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the longest river in England

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Boaters will now have a fairer opportunity to stay at Environment Agency riverside moorings to enjoy the local towns, restaurants, shops and leisure facilities which the River Thames has to offer.
The bottle listed was found laying on the surface of the mudflats of the River Thames estuary - a casual find made by a passer by, having recently been washed up/eroded out after more than 130 years.
The four Brighouse firefighters joined other crews from Leeds and Bingley in travelling on Wednesday evening with two boats to Reading in Berkshire to provide support to those managing the flooding surrounding the River Thames.
By popping up unexpectedly in the heart of the capital, the porpoise was following in the fins of the River Thames whale, a young bottlenose that was spotted in 2006 after it got through the Thames Barrier and swam as far upriver as Battersea.
Flames ripped through the London Duck Tours vessel on a stretch of the River Thames close to Lambeth Bridge.
Each colleague took it in turns to ride the bike to cover the distance of the River Thames.
Summary: A helicopter has crashed in central London after hitting a crane on top of a tower block by the River Thames.
The Savoy, A Fairmont Managed Hotel in London, UK, has unveiled a panoramic painting of the River Thames that is being exhibited in the hotel's Front Hall.
The public can now board Emirates Air Line, the UK's first urban cable car, to cross the River Thames in the British capital.
Dubai based carrier Emirates on Friday announced it is sponsoring a new crossing over the River Thames in London.
Massive search after Thames boat drama A SEARCH for a crew member missing after a tug capsized and sank on the River Thames in London was called off last night as marine accident experts began an investigation into the accident.
By joining our tour you will have the unique experience of celebrating onboard a vessel whilst cruising along the River Thames.
The ducks are released into the River Thames at Molesey Lock with the winner the first one to reach The Sherriff Boat Club half a mile away.
AN OXFORD University rower got that sinking feeling when his car was swallowed up by the River Thames.
The expert in ritual killings helped police unravel the mystery of a boy's body in the River Thames.