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a river in east central England that flows past Cambridge to join the Ouse River


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Originating from the Venetian gondolas, the experience of punting up and down the River Cam in wooden boats is one that is still loved by students and visitors alike.
Sadly, Grantchester then had to go and widdle on its chips with the totally gratuitous scene where Norton strips down to his retro budgie-smugglers for a dip in the sun-dappled River Cam.
They also visited Allama Iqbal's place of residence during his stay at Trinity as well as River Cam, that flows through Cambridge.
Cambridge is well known for its colleges founded in the 13th century, and for the tranquil River Cam where tourists and students enjoy leisurely punts through the heart of the picturesque city.
PUNTING through Cambridge along a sun-drenched River Cam, it's easy to understand why UK staycations are becoming so popular.
The sewage pump is a heritage site of what once was the station where untreated sewage flowed into the River Cam through a massive network of overused and unkempt sewers.
The grey 4x4 was issued with a fine for overstaying the limit at a pay-and-display car park close to the River Cam in central Cambridge.
While it's doubtful that there will be much cheering on the banks of the River Cam or weeping in Harvard Yard, nonetheless, those who pay attention to how universities rank will take note.
On a nice day it's the perfect setting for a picnic down by the River Cam or for boating out on the water.
uk/Cambridge or 01223 259988) has an exclusive setting on the banks of the River Cam.
After nearly completing an untraditional biography of Isaac Newton focused on his interest in alchemy, Cambridge scholar Elizabeth Vogelsang is found drowned in the river Cam.
Divers spent days trawling the River Cam, in Cambridge, and arranged for it to be emptied to waist-height after early searches failed to reveal any clues.
Since 1993 when the late Harry Mahon arrived at the banks of the river Cam, Cambridge have been rowing a particularly long, rhythmical stroke that is suited to the needs of rowing on this section of the Thames.
We imbibed Pimms cocktails while punting down the River Cam, sipped Cote de Nuits with stubbly chinned French winemakers and drained endless rounds of Tooheys with ruddy-faced, back-slapping Aussies.