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Synonyms for Ritz

Swiss hotelier who created a chain of elegant hotels (1850-1918)


ostentatious display of elegance

an ostentatiously elegant hotel

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Efforts by The Register-Guard to reach Ritz via email for comment on Tuesday were not successful.
Ritz says reaching a higher standard of creating an injury-free environment requires "extreme leaders" willing to make a day-to-day commitment to safety.
Ritz and her colleagues are currently addressing these limitations by improving exposure estimates in a new study investigating the effects of confounding factors on preterm birth and birth weight for a group of 2,000 infants.
With our magic People offer you will get free membership of your local Ritz or Riva Bingo Club - there are 36 of them around the country, so there's almost sure to be one near you.
Reveche and the Ritz sisters, coming off successful high school campaigns, also could advance deep in their draws.
2 kmpl for the Ritz Diesel, which has been achieved with numerous initiatives by the Company s engineers.
Ritz and Palomarez had planned a half-day hunting trip in Los Padres National Forest and were equipped for the cold, but not for the storm that moved in from the north.
Excluding these alterations, the revamped 2012 Ritz will be offered with more fuel competent petrol and diesel engines via 1.
We have to look beyond just one organ system which has been focused on before, which is the lung,'' Ritz said.
Thus, a new question for Judge Herve Stephan, in charge of the investigation: When the Ritz rented the car from Etoile Limousines, was it warned about the alleged problems?
The evening begins for Diana and Dodi al-Fayed with dinner in the sitting room of the Imperial Suite at the Ritz.
Emerging from the back entrance of the Ritz Hotel, Henri Paul, the driver who took Diana, Princess of Wales, to her death, quickly found himself on the Cours de la Reine, a stretch of four-lane highway that runs beside the River Seine.
The Ritz at Laguna Niguel, where room rates average $225 a night, is considered one of the most successful operations in the chain of 32 Ritz-Carltons, including those in Pasadena, Marina del Rey, Palm Springs and San Francisco.
The approximately 28,000 square foot spa will be built as part of an ongoing $45 million expansion of the resort that will also include a new pool, three new restaurant concepts, a 3,000 square-foot oceanfront terrace, expanded Ritz Kids and Ritz Teens programs, and more.