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of or characterized by ceremony

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The way ritualists and their operative bases are often depicted make them hard to distinguish from ATR worshippers and shrines.
Ritualists likely started their policing careers as unabashed idealists: the job would have promised opportunities to help the innocent while getting criminals off the street.
This idea makes as little sense to Wai Brama ritualists as the idea that God created himself would have made to the early Catholic missionaries in Sikka.
Ritualists continued to employ them in worship and anti-ritualists voiced objections through books and pamphlets like those of Walsh, Ecclesiastic courts, (10) or Parliamentary legislation.
25) Much like the ritualist who occupies a liminal space during religious ceremonies, the chaupi writer stands in between the two cultures in the conflicted contact zone of coloniality.
Fowler, "Four (Five) Stages of Greek Religion," in The Cambridge Ritualists Reconsidered, ed.
The Playwrights Lab, moreover, engaged the work of resource artists such as historians, psychiatrists, ritualists, choreographers or experts whose held of expertise might contribute something directly or indirectly valuable to the writers.
Ritualists were damned as traitors and secret Romanists whereas in fact the vast majority had no desire to become Roman Catholic: Catholicism could be found in the Prayer Book.
What status should be attributed to the Sudra ritualists of the great temple?
34) Carol Marie Engelhardt provides a somewhat different reading of the relationship between Mary and the Angel in the House, arguing that despite obvious resemblances between the two, anti-Roman Catholic sentiment and Roman Catholic beliefs in Mary's perpetual virginity and her power meant that "Victorian Anglicans, with the exception of members of the Oxford movement and Ritualists, remained uncomfortable with the figure of the Virgin Mary, and no Anglican upheld her as the feminine ideal" (Carol Marie Engelhardt, "The Paradigmatic Angel in the House: The Virgin Mary and Victorian Anglicans," Women of Faith in Victorian Culture: Reassessing the Angel in the House, ed.
Pauli (1972), however, has suggested the presence of transvestite ritualists in Hallstatt Germany on the basis of seemingly anomalous grave assemblages, as at Bad Cannstatt 1 and 2 with their mix of weaponry and supposedly female objects like hair ornaments.
But despite the enormous loss to the Longhouse community in the death of many key ritualists in recent years, the remarkable process of succession--of young men stepping forward at the right moment--goes on.
Through the influence of the Ritualists, the pulpit was also moved to the right of the chancel arch to increase the view of the altar, and a new rerodos was added.
Leo Igwe of the Nigerian Humanist Movement explains: "Recently there have been several reported cases of individuals who were kidnapped, killed or had their bodies mutilated by ritualists in Nigeria.