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white grape grown in Europe and California

fragrant dry or sweet white wine from the Rhine valley or a similar wine from California

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They had this plan for not only making Indian culture part of mainstream education, which is what Native American studies was meant to be, but another kind of education that would benefit Indian people in their culture, not designed for the mainstream, but designed for Indian people," says Kenny Risling, who remembers his father and Forbes discussing their vision over the kitchen table in Risling's house.
After initially offering her help to Risling but subsequently clashing with him and D-Q President Victor Gabriel, La Marr formed a second "board of trustees" in the weeks before the college's closing.
I want to know the rules, as David Risling says, in order to "fight fire with fire.
Newspaper articles on the smoking ban in California, for example, document widespread civil disobedience; see, Blankstein [1998], Canto [1998], and Risling [1998].
Barbara Risling, a member of the North Coast's Hoopa Valley Tribe, said the campaign contributions have ``allowed us to participate in the political process, just like everyone else.
and the company's co-artistic director Joan Schirle will collaborate with composer Gina Leishman, designer Giulio Cesare Perrone, choreographer Deborah Slater, Karuk storyteller Lyn Risling and author Virginia Fields on Schirle's play The Weave.
determine their destiny and manage their resources:' according to former tribal forestry chairman Gary Risling.
This concept is used frequently in CCC and in similar companies (Sveiby and Risling 1986).
Belkin has established itself as a trusted developer for audio/visual products for businesses and consumers worldwide," said Micha Risling, marketing chair for the HDBaseT Alliance.
Micha Risling, marketing committee chair, the HDBaseT Alliance stated: Primeview s delivery of 4K video is an exciting realization of HDBaseT capabilities and how it will revolutionize home entertainment, pro AV and other cabled markets.
David Risling, who spent his career opening the doors of higher education to Native American students, died March 13 at the age of 83.
A person who comes to mind is one of my mentors, David Risling Jr.
This is a tremendous honor for all members of the HDBaseT Alliance who have worked so hard together to position HDBaseT as a global standard for HD digital connectivity," said Micha Risling, marketing chair of the HDBaseT Alliance.
We recognized CCTV installer needs and created a chipset optimized specifically for their unique requirements, said Micha Risling, vice president of marketing and business development at Valens Semiconductor.
Several board members, including longtime trustee Tommy Merino (Mountain Maidu) and co-founder David Risling Jr.