risk arbitrage

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arbitrage involving risk

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That literature is almost unanimous in concluding that risk arbitrage tends to generate positive risk-adjusted returns (Larker and Lys 1987; Dukes, Frohlich and Ma 1992; Karolyi and Shannon 1999; Mitchell and Pulvino 2001; Baker and Savasoglu 2002).
As a young analyst at a risk arbitrage house, I was the point man on Holly.
We got notoriety because of our success in subprime, but we have a certain expertise in risk arbitrage, and we've always operated in the top quartile.
In most circumstances where the potential liability is ordinary, a corporate defendant has a lower exposure to litigation risk than an individual plaintiff and thus enjoys a systemic risk arbitrage opportunity resulting from repeated valuational concessions at settlement by plaintiffs under a set of recurring conditions.
11%) on weaker corporate credit markets and generally wider risk arbitrage spreads.
losses detracted from gains and only the Risk Arbitrage Sub-index produced
Hungry for alpha, hedge funds are turning to equity swaps and synthetic prime to access emerging markets offering attractive spreads and easily identifiable risk arbitrage opportunities.
Convertible arbitrage, emerging markets, event driven, distressed, event-driven multistrategy, risk arbitrage, fixed-income arbitrage, and multistrategy funds all have skewness coefficients less than zero, in some cases substantially so.
After tracing the evolution of the hedge fund market, he explains how it differs from more traditional investments, and offer tips on profiting from its strategies of risk arbitrage and distressed securities investing.
Results indicate that risk arbitrage returns have zero correlation with the market during up-market conditions, but large positive correlation during down-market conditions.
Exploiting this inefficiency is known as risk arbitrage.
Because pension bonds are used for financial risk arbitrage, the Treasury Department does not permit them to be issued on a tax-exempt basis.
The risk arbitrage approach involves the same analysis as the cost cap to determine the PML.
The web site, which soon will feature an afternoon update on risk arbitrage, is integral to the Daily Deal package, but print is at the core because the target audience includes many commuters, print is portable and the paper-Web combination is formidable.
Baker's and Nye's New York-based risk arbitrage firm, Baker, Nye Advisors, will also lend administrative assistance to Bond, Procope.
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