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Synonyms for riser

a person who rises (especially from bed)

a vertical pipe in a building

structural member consisting of the vertical part of a stair or step

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Rehabilitation of the Wherrew Rising Main will be conducted by direct local authority labour and will commence immediately which is extremely positive news for the area, said Minister Calleary.
Tenders are invited for Up-Gradation Of Electrical Distribution System Of Block No 12 At Cgo Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi Sh- Providing Rising Main For Emergency Supply And Replacement Of Old Switchgear In The Existing Normal Supply Rising Mains
Tenders are invited for supply, fixing and commissioning of full bore 400mm dia Electromagnetic flow meter with GSM / GPRS system at raw water rising main & pure water rising main under PWSS to Belur town.
Tenders are invited for Improvement of Distribution system, replacement of Rising main and Pumping Machinery including civil works of T/well No.
Tenders are invited for Survey investigation design construction testing commissioning trial run and then maintenance for 5 years of Intake well Raw water rising main Water treatment plant Raw water and Clear water pumps Clear water rising main Power station at intake well and WTP Overhead tank and Distribution network.
Tenders are invited for Water Treatment Plant Including Dismantling old Structure of WTP, Head work approach Bridge, Raw water Pumping Machinery, Raw water Rising Main, 35 ML BT to WTP, Pure water Pumping Machinery, Pure Water Rising Main from WTP To ESR In Connection With