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right of access to water


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Riparian rights were then extinguished under provincial land grants unless confirmed by a court before June 18, 1931 or by the terms of the grant: Public Lands Act, R.
Many of the previous comments regarding groundwater rights apply to riparian rights as well because they too run with the land.
International treaties among riparian rights countries in an international river basin;
And the United Usk Fishermen's Association, which represents landowners and fishermen with riparian rights, says it is 'disappointed and saddened' because the agreement largely avoided conflict of interests, protected fish stocks, and was a clear way of recognising when permission could be sought by canoeists to gain access to, and paddle on, the river.
According to Alabama's Riparian Rights Doctrine, water in its natural state can be reasonably used only on that land through which it flows.
New Jersey has argued that it has sole jurisdiction according to a 1905 agreement between the two states on riparian rights.
The site was delivered with riparian rights, boat slips and architectural renderings for an eight-unit development.
On the part of India, even the riparian rights and benefits issues of Nepal and Bangladesh are grossly ignored.
14) From an efficiency standpoint, riparian rights were inherently uncertain because they were correlatively defined, and thus could shift over time as neighboring users and uses changed; (15) uncertainty, in turn, inhibited investment and prevented the development of markets in transferable water rights.
Israel claims that it has legitimate historical riparian rights to most of the flow of the Mountain Aquifer, based on the principle of International Law of prior use of the Mountain Aquifer, major portions of which flow naturally into its territory and which has been developed at great expense and fully utilized for essential human use economic sustainability over a period of time going back some 60-80 years.
the managing general partner for the project, said he was disappointed in board's rejection of the project's riparian rights.
Interests in land (such as a fee interest, life estate, remainder, easement, mineral rights, timber rights, grazing rights, riparian rights, air rights, zoning variances, and other similar land rights).
Riparian rights became defined in terms of economic progress; instrumental use took precedence over customary use or natural flow.
Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) (NYSE:OFC) announced today the acquisition of a 474,000 square foot office tower, a parking lot, a utility distribution center, four waterfront lots and riparian rights, all part of the Canton Crossing planned unit development in Baltimore, Maryland.